Where We Work


Agathon International, unsurprisingly, works internationally. But we are particularly strong in three regions, where our directors have many years’ experience of living and working:



East Africa

The least developed quadrant of the African continent, East Africa is one of the last great frontiers of global economic integration. Strategically located, close to Europe and the Middle East, East Africa is a natural focal point for the agricultural and light manufacturing industries. Ethiopia, the second most populous country on the African continent, is undergoing seismic political changes including a sweeping privatisation drive on the back of many years of double digit growth. There are few more exciting business destinations internationally, and our clients value our pragmatic insight into this unique country.



Central and Eastern Europe


Three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Central and Eastern Europe is moving beyond the paradigm of simple democratisation, as a more complex set of political forces takes hold in the region. The expansionist aims of the EU vie with a resurgent Russia and native populism. Underneath the political overlay, however, lie compelling economic fundamentals, including a skilled and cost-effective work force and robust annual growth. We can help clients to separate out the shine from the substance.



Central Asia

Geographically isolated, and sandwiched between Russia and China, Central Asia has struggled to move past its Soviet-era legacy. However, change is afoot. The region is integral to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to reconnect East Asia with Europe through the ancient trails of the Silk Route. Resource-endowed countries such as oil rich Kazakhstan are feted by international investors in an increasingly energy hungry Asian continent, while smaller states like Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan produce significant quantities of precious metals. In this storied land, we tell things how they are.