Our Team

Graham Lee

Graham is a professional writer and researcher, with extensive experience working on private sector issues in emerging economies. He has gained this experience with commercial investors and international consultancy firms, with NGOs and donor bodies, and as an independent writer and researcher in Europe, Africa and Asia. Previously, he served as a communications officer in the British Army, and before that he studied pure mathematics at Cambridge University. His unique blend of quantitative and qualitative analytic skills, and his broad life experience, make him a tenacious solution-seeker for his clients.
Most of Agathon’s work is commercial in confidence, but Graham has written a few pieces independently that are publicly available. For example, a long report on the United States’ economic strategy for Central Asia.
In recent years, Graham has completed research projects covering Afghanistan, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Honduras, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Somalia, Tajikistan, Tanzania and Uzbekistan, both as an individual consultant and as a team leader and manager. These projects have included risk analysis and market intelligence, policy analysis for international organisations and private companies, and research and advisory services on the environmental, social and governance landscapes surrounding global commerce.
His first book has also been published – a memoir of military service in Afghanistan.

Paris Lee

Paris is a highly experienced project manager, focused on commercial and social initiatives in the developing world. She leads strategic and operational decision-making at Agathon, identifying and assessing opportunities, exploring and managing risks, planning and ensuring the financial health of our operations.
Paris is responsible for all field project logistics including project programme design and scheduling, venue sourcing, budget management, contract negotiation, subcontractor management, transportation and accommodation. She has guided Agathon International from an Ethiopia-based startup to a respected niche brand, serving an international client base in three distinct global areas of operations.
Previously, Paris managed one of the largest homeless projects in southern England, conceived and led an initiative delivering winter clothes to children in Afghanistan and served as the Financial Officer of the UK charity the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death. She has worked extensively cross-culturally and with disadvantaged social groups in the UK and internationally. At university she studied philosophy, in the belief that it would lead to enlightenment. She’s still searching for that.