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    Agathon is a research and consultancy firm, focused on East Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia
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    East Africa
    We operate in East Africa with Ethiopia as our regional hub
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    Eastern Europe
    We operate in Eastern Europe through our Budapest hub
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    Central Asia
    We operate in Central Asia, with a hub in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
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    Policy and social issues in the extractive industries are a key focus area for us
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    Open Road
    Through our work we hope to do good, both for our clients and for the societies in which they operate

The Agathon Blog


Welcome to the home of the newly-founded Agathon Blog!


Here we’ll regularly be exploring business, social and political issues in our chosen regions: ¬†analysing trends, providing insight and highlighting opportunities.


Our latest instalment examines the United States’ New Silk Road policy in Central Asia, as the region adjusts to rising insecurity, economic austerity and tumultuous events in its near abroad. It also draws lessons on strategic analysis more widely.



16th February 2015:

Central Asia: The United States and the Pitfalls of Ideology


To start the Agathon Blog we published two posts on Ethiopia – an incredibly dynamic market and one of our key focus countries. The first instalment discusses ethics, due diligence and getting things done in the Ethiopian private sector. The second explores liberalisation of the Ethiopian telecoms and banking sectors, and World Trade Organisation accession.



15th September 2015:

Ethiopia: Ethical Business and Due Diligence




15th September 2015:

Ethiopia: Banking and Telecoms Liberalisation, and WTO Accession