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    Agathon is a research and consultancy firm, operating in East Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia
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    East Africa
    We operate in East Africa with Ethiopia as our regional hub
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    Eastern Europe
    We operate in Eastern Europe through our Budapest hub
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    Central Asia
    We operate in Central Asia, with a hub in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
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    Policy and social issues in the extractive industries are a key focus area for us
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    Open Road
    Through our work we hope to do good, both for our clients and for the societies in which they operate

Our Services

General Research Services


Agathon’s staff and network of consultants are highly qualified academically, and can provide a great many research services focused on East Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. We offer research and advisory services in three thematic areas:




Developing economies cannot grow without investment, and investment does not take place without a sound understanding of risk. Agathon’s team have advised major multinationals on a wide variety of operating risks, from physical risk to political and legislative uncertainty, to reputational risks and due diligence concerns.




The sectors in which we operate are some of the world’s most exciting, but also some of the most challenging to navigate. Opportunities in these sectors must be sought out ‘on the ground,’ by skilled field researchers who know how to penetrate opacity and sort genuine opportunities from false leads. Agathon rises to this challenge.




Increasingly, both for-profit businesses and international development bodies are recognising the value of responsible, win-win engagement in emerging economies. Agathon facilitates this engagement through social research, policy analysis and advice. We believe in building sustainable and mutually beneficial business across borders.


Agathon has extensive experience of all these services, and others besides. Perhaps more important than our specific experience, however, is our commitment to rigour in our research.


You will find our products to be well written, insightful, critical and honest, with the minimum of technical jargon and buzzwords. We believe in plain English.


“We have come out of the time when obedience, the acceptance of discipline, intelligent courage, and resolution were most important, into that more difficult time when it is a man’s duty to understand his world rather than to simply fight for it.”


- Ernest Hemmingway.


Extractive Industries Consultancy


The extractive industries are a key focus area for Agathon. For commercial investors we offer a full range of social services, from sociological baseline studies to advice on community engagement and conflict mitigation strategy, and our work is designed so that our clients can meet the highest international standards for best practice. We can call on professionals ranging from researchers on the ground across East Africa, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, to world-class thought leaders on company-community relations.


At the policy level we engage with donor organisations and governments on natural resource governance issues. We provide analysis to promote extractive industries which are drivers of prosperity, not drivers of conflict.


In the past year, Agathon produced an analytical paper for a major international NGO which projected the social, political and economic trajectories of Africa’s extractive industries over the next four decades. We also played a major role in a keystone UNDP study to promote value chain inclusivity in African extractive industries.


“In a few decades, the relationship between the environment, resources and conflict may seem almost as obvious as the connection we see today between human rights, democracy and peace.”
- Wangari Maathai



Event Management


Agathon doesn’t just study business. We also make business happen. We organize and host events such as market exploration missions.


Through such events, our clients can gain first-hand insight into the commercial environments where we operate.


Our approach to event organization is characterised by personal presence and rigorous preparation. We thoroughly appraise each site and venue in advance, and we build face-to-face relationships with everyone on whom we rely to make events successful. In frontier markets, the hands-on approach is the only way to go.


As well as using our local knowledge to put together great events, we can provide our guests with on-the-spot analysis and market understanding. We accompany our clients on trips whenever possible, and we aim to make their experience both enjoyable and insightful.


Follow this link to download Agathon International’s “customer journey” planning tool for frontier market seminars.



“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.”
- Thomas Edison